March 13, 2023


Kidney stones are a painful and common ailment that affect nearly 1 in 10 adults in the United States. Anyone who has experienced the agony of a kidney stone can attest to its terribleness. While many factors can contribute to the formation of kidney stones, including genetics, dehydration, and diet, some research suggests that taking high doses of vitamin C supplements may increase the risk of developing this condition. With the rise of the health and wellness industry, vitamin C supplements have become increasingly popular. Get the scoop on how much vitamin C is too much – spoiler alert, it’s less than you think! Are you a fan of orange juice, kiwi, or strawberries? Or maybe you’ve been taking vitamin C supplements to boost your immune system? Whatever your reasons may be, you might want to slow down your vitamin C intake because, spoiler alert, it’s less than you think!…